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Job Title: Employment Type: Department: Location:
Applicant Advisor Full Time AIS Philadelphia, PA
Assistant Center Manager (CHI 2014) Full Time Chicago Center Chicago, IL
Assistant Center Manager (PHL - 8/2014) Full Time Philadelphia Center Philadelphia, PA
Assistant Manager, EICS Full Time EICS Philadelphia, PA
Assistant VP of Education Full Time FAIMER Philadelphia, PA
Center Manager Full Time LA Center Los Angeles, CA
Director, The Network : TUFH Other FAIMER Philadelphia, PA
International Credentials Services Assistant Full Time EICS Philadelphia, PA
IT Support/Facilities Office Coordinator Full Time Houston Center Houston, TX
PT Control Room Operator - Houston Part Time PTAN Houston Houston, TX
PT Proctor - Philadelphia Part Time PTAN Phila Philadelphia, PA
Research Assistant Full Time FAIMER Philadelphia, PA
Standardized Patient - Atlanta Part Time PTAN Atlanta Atlanta, GA
Standardized Patient - Chicago Part Time PTAN Chicago Chicago, IL
Standardized Patient - Houston Part Time PTAN Houston Houston, TX
Standardized Patient - Los Angeles Part Time PTAN LA Los Angeles, CA
Systems Administrator Full Time IT Operations Philadelphia, PA

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